SEX AND PLAGIARISM: Kathy Acker Walks Into a Bar…

By Elif Kayahan I.  00.20 A.M. on a Thursday night. A bar with dim lighting. Nothing special about the place. Just another bar in a relatively poor neighborhood close to the university. At one table sit three middle-aged women. Their cashmere scarves and pearl earrings give away that they don’t quite fit in here. They are here to observeContinue reading “SEX AND PLAGIARISM: Kathy Acker Walks Into a Bar…”

We Are Far From Polished, Far From Pristine: The Impossibility of Finding a Perfect Translator

We Are Far From Polished, Far From Pristine: The Impossibility of Finding a Perfect Translator by Kayleigh Herber Ultimately, there is a sizeable chance that the “perfect” translator for any given book might not even be within the consciousness of the publisher because of the way the selection process typically takes place. For a periodContinue reading “We Are Far From Polished, Far From Pristine: The Impossibility of Finding a Perfect Translator”

Storytelling and Solitude: Covid-19 pandemic edition

Storytelling and Solitude: Covid-19 pandemic edition by Ella van Driel We need isolation to create art, but we need connection with art to truly understand our own isolation. Especially in 2020, isolation plays on all of our minds. The global pandemic has created a reality for most of us where we have to isolate ourselvesContinue reading “Storytelling and Solitude: Covid-19 pandemic edition”

Lover’s confession

Lover’s confession by Mikolaj Bać  “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”  Buddha  Photo by Mikolaj Bać Why do people still need personal essays in the era of exhibitionism, performed by celebrities on a regular basis? Perhaps even the quote above is taken from a lame motivational site called Great FocusContinue reading “Lover’s confession”

Mothers Are People Too, and They Deserve a Lollipop

by Annika van Leeuwen New authors are often bombarded with advice about plot structure and character building. An often repeated piece of advice about characters is that you need to think about what your characters want and what they need – and the discrepancy between these two. This, the helpful experienced author says, is howContinue reading “Mothers Are People Too, and They Deserve a Lollipop”

Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction

Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction by Iulia Ivana The media is quick to designate writers of the contemporary moment as either too much, or not enough. We are the avocado toast generation, the internet proclaims. We are spoiled, rootless, and use too much irony as a way ofContinue reading “Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction”

The Giddy Relief of Reading Rebecca

THE GIDDY RELIEF OF READING REBECCA   (A conversation between the common reader and her brilliant friend)  by Maria Świątkowska It happens sometimes. In fact, it happens all the time. I’m reading a Classic. A Classic is supposed to pertain to humanity, of which I am a part. Which is to say: I am human. Or so I like to think.  AndContinue reading “The Giddy Relief of Reading Rebecca”

The Privilege of White Authors

My Dark Vanessa and Excavation: Who Can Write (White) What? By Ariane Dijckmeester In the first half of 2020, Kate Elizabeth Russell made a splash in the literary scene, before her debut novel My Dark Vanessa had even been released. Russell’s novel, which depicts the disturbing and deeply psychological romance between a student and aContinue reading “The Privilege of White Authors”

In Defence of Cancel Culture

The War on Free Speech By Mayke Keller Cancel culture has become the norm of the literary world. Anonymous social media users, Twitter mobs, and Goodread bloggers have taken upon themselves the authority to cancel everyone and everything they deem as problematic. With success. Books get pulled, works get burned, authors get bullied into leavingContinue reading “In Defence of Cancel Culture”

Is Our Poetic Soul Safe?

By Runcong Liu Whether or not you keep abreast of recent developments in artificial intelligence, you have probably come across news about Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (commonly known as GPT-3), a language model released by the AI laboratory OpenAI this summer. “Feed me a prompt, I will repay you whatever you want.” If GPT-3 can speak, that is probably how it willContinue reading “Is Our Poetic Soul Safe?”