Spring 2022

Introduction by Amanda Castro Thijssen and Elif Kayahan


A Day Without Internet: Reflections on Will McPhail’s In: A Graphic Novel by Maia Baum

It Is Either This or That – Rachel Cusk’s Second Place by Laurynas Petrauskas

How to Perfect the Art of Exile: A Critical Review of Alienation in Antanas Škėma’s White Shroud by Elžbieta Janušauskaitė

Shadow and Bone: Recapping Netflix’s Next Fantasy Hit by Ilse Barkmeijer

Veronika, a creative piece by Kaixuan Yao 

Fake Friends in Klara and the Sun: How Kazuo Ishiguro’s lifeless robots can give us a new perspective on life by Isabel Cramer

Food for Thought, Identity, and Culture: A feature on Michelle Zauner’s Crying in H Mart by Naomi Tidball

Utopia of Isolation, a creative piece by Yara Cloudt

Clashes and Connections of the City: A Review of Fiona Mozley’s Hot Stew by Sara van der Woude

Dylan Thomas’ Classic ‘Play for Voices’ has a New Sheen: Under Milk Wood Review by Acacia Caven

Butterflies, a creative piece by Sven Verouden

Malibu Rising: A Steady Cocktail of Booze, Surfing, and Family Tragedy by Shaila Kumaradas

Memory in the poetry of Leontia Flynn and Mark Doty by Evelien Vermeulen

What is even real anymore? By Angelos Apallas

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