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Sometimes RevUU will publish articles outside of our Spring and Autumn issues when the occassion calls for it. As students we are engaged in constant discussion with the world around us, and having a platform to speak up on and discuss topics that need to be spoken about is imperative to the creation of our creative, political and academic voice.

Additional Articles

On Betrayal: A Response to a Callous Column by DUB

by Kris van der Voorn Last week a column appeared on the website of Utrecht University’s news platform DUB named “Ik zal jullie niet verraden” (I won’t betray you). This particular column discusses the measures taken by the university to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. RevUU wants to comment on the implications of this piece. The column was written by a student for students—a group where the loneliness and financial instability of this last year have caused a rise in mental health issues. Here is a text that seems to tell them that the spread of this virus is…

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