Autumn 2022

Introduction by Kenau Bester and Jared Meijer


Dear Ma, How Can Poetry Speak to the Migrant Experience? by Leanne Talavera

Only Two Questions at Three in the Morning: A Review of No One is Talking About This by José Dorenbos

Women’s Bodies and Institutions: Christmas as a Catalyst in Claire Keegan’s Small Things Like These by Natalie van den Berg

Not Excluding People from the Picture: An Exploration of Human Kindness in Small Things Like These by Susi Westerveld

Can Noah Can’t Even Even Be Talked About? by Maria Teresa Cattani

Color Me Brown – What Girl, Woman, Other Taught Me about My Brownness by Neelam Reddy

The Real Love Story in The Daughter of Doctor Moreau by Anna Mangnus

I Am Everything: Literature Crossing Ethnical and Sexual Borders by Dick Hogeweij

A Story We’ve Heard Before: A Review of Damon Galgut’s Booker Prize-Winning The Promise by Kenau Bester

Dear Poet, Stay in Your Lane by Laurine Tavernier

The Other Child: Witnessing Chronic Illness by Jared Meijer

A Night to Remember: A Review of Douglas Stuart’s Young Mungo by Fleur Pieren

Thread of Life: The Female Perspective in Greek Mythology by Josephine Monnickendam

Filling the Void: Exploring Female Connection in Loneliness by Zoë Abrahams

He’s Not a ‘Man Written by a Woman’ – You’re Just Ignoring All of His Red Flags as far as Coco Mellors’ Cleopatra and Frankenstein is Concerned by Moe Yonezawa

Charming Oh William! by Ryan Dougherty

‘Maybe Love and Loneliness Are Not that Different After All’: A Dialogue about Klara and the Sun by Aristi Makrygiannaki

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