Spring 2021

Introduction by Mikolaj Bać and Ella van Driel


This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangaremba: an intense imagination of the self in the other by Kris van der Voorn

“You just want our blood on this floor:” A review of Namina Forna’s The Gilded Ones by Lyssa Vreeken

Finding Wit in Worry: A review of Jenny Offill’s Weather by Nick Smithers

Vorm en inhoud in een relationeel samenspel: Medicalisering van verliefdheid en de kracht van verhalen in Hanna Bervoet’s Efter by Lydia Fris

Op zoek naar vervangende tekens voor rouw: Een recensie van Emma van Meyeren’s Ook ik ben stukgewaaid: Essays over rouw by Jane Singer

Creative Writing

Write Thy Self by Leda Serikoglu


Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction by Iulia Ivana

We Are Far From Polished, Far From Pristine: The impossibility of finding a perfect translator by Kayleigh Herber

The Giddy Relief of Reading Rebecca by Mery Swiatkowska

Storytelling and Solitude: Covid-19 Pandemic Edition by Ella van Driel

Mothers Are People Too, and They Deserve a Lollipop by Annika van Leeuwen

G is for Grief by Jane Singer

Lover’s Confession by Mikolaj Bac

Life and Other Stories by Lea Dokter

Read our article on the Interview with Emma van Meyeren during the 2021 Spring Launch, written and edited by Annika van Leeuwen here!

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