We are RevUU.

RevUU is a magazine that aims to encourage insightful and inclusive literary criticism, run by an international group of graduate students from Utrecht University. We publish biannually and aim to provide a platform for diverse opinions and authors.
We love to hear from our readers! If you have any suggestions or remarks, please contact us, or find us on social media!


Chief Editors:
• Amanda Castro Thijssen
• Elif Kayahan

Managing Editors:
• Anna Sóley Ásmundsdóttir
• Judith Revenberg

• Sara van der Woude (head)
• Eva Soares (head)
• Machteld Laan
• Shaila Kumaradas
• Jake Regan
• Ilse Barkmeijer
• Paula Werdnik
• Kathelijne Schoonackers

• Acacia Caven (head)
• Sophie Bierhuizen (head)
• Tara Huisman
• Lisa Leenstra
• Ella van Driel

Publicity & Marketing:
• Evelien Vermeulen (head)
• Noami Tidball (head)
• Joppe Kips
• Angela Kroes
• Ipek Ari

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