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Grief, Frustration, and A Telephone Connection:

An Interview With Emma van Meyeren by Annika van Leeuwen On a Friday evening in the beginning of May, the RevUU team invited Emma van Meyeren to speak about her collection of essays Ook ik ben Stukgewaaid, which was published in November 2020 by Uitgeverij Chaos. Especially for RevUU, Emma translated part of her second […]

Op zoek naar vervangende tekens voor rouw: Een recensie van Emma van Meyerens Ook ik ben stukgewaaid: Essays over rouw

Design: Kris van der Voorn Door Jane Singer Het boekje is klein, dun, en voelt licht in mijn hand, terwijl het onderwerp zo zwaar lijkt. Ook ik ben stukgewaaid: Essays over rouw is een bundel van drie essays over herinneringen, rituelen en rouwpatronen. Het boek beschrijft zichzelf als “een collectie van notities over aanhoudende rouw”. De essays bieden […]


LEDA WRITE THY SELF By Leda Serikoglu HERE LIES THE BRUTAL DICHOTOMY OF THE DEAD. Some are taught the sky is the limit Some are warned to mind the ground Yet even with the Heavens and Earths colliding… She counted reveries which could not be found, but conjured out of twenty-six by two cases the […]

G is for Grief

They said two years, and so it was planned. My father’s death and my own grief started two and a half years before his heart stopped beating. He died by euthanasia, choosing death after being slowly broken down by the cancer and its treatment. I knew the date and the time he would die days […]

Life and Other Stories

By Lea Dokter For as long as I can remember, stories have been a foundational part of my life. I have started to think of them as a breadcrumb trail weaving through my own story, beginning with my mother, and later helping me find my way back to my father. They helped me navigate the twisted undergrowth […]

Finding Wit in Worry: A Review of Jenny Offill’s Weather

by Annick Smithers In an interview with The Guardian, Jenny Offill expresses a feeling regarding the climate crisis familiar to many of us: why aren’t we more concerned about it? This disconnect between knowing what’s to come and policies seemingly lacking any sense of urgency is what inspired Offill’s latest novel, Weather – a must-read […]

Vorm en inhoud in een relationeel samenspel: Medicalisering van verliefdheid en de kracht van verhalen in Hanna Bervoets’ Efter  

Door Lydia Fris Hanna Bervoets schrijft dit jaar het Boekenweekgeschenk Wat wij zagen, dat deze maand verschijnt. ‘Hanna is met haar inspirerende oeuvre en scherpe observaties een belangrijke stem in de literatuur en een van de meest toonaangevende vertegenwoordigers van een nieuwe generatie,’1 schreef de directeur van Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek (CPNB). Haar roman Efter getuigt hier het best van, en haalde de longlist […]

The Giddy Relief of Reading Rebecca

THE GIDDY RELIEF OF READING REBECCA   (A conversation between the common reader and her brilliant friend)  by Maria Świątkowska It happens sometimes. In fact, it happens all the time. I’m reading a Classic. A Classic is supposed to pertain to humanity, of which I am a part. Which is to say: I am human. Or so I like to think.  And […]

Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction

Wreck or be Wrecked: Capitalism and the Ubiquitous Appeal of Millennial Fiction by Iulia Ivana The media is quick to designate writers of the contemporary moment as either too much, or not enough. We are the avocado toast generation, the internet proclaims. We are spoiled, rootless, and use too much irony as a way of […]

Mothers Are People Too, and They Deserve a Lollipop

by Annika van Leeuwen New authors are often bombarded with advice about plot structure and character building. An often repeated piece of advice about characters is that you need to think about what your characters want and what they need – and the discrepancy between these two. This, the helpful experienced author says, is how […]

Lover’s confession

Why do people still need personal essays in the era of exhibitionism, performed by celebrities on a regular basis? Perhaps even the quote above is taken from a lame motivational site called Great Focus Quotes. I don’t know. Does it really matter, though? People have read, people still read, and people will read. In the same manner as I […]

Storytelling and Solitude: Covid-19 pandemic edition

Isolation can be found in humanity’s stories since we first started to record them. When I started reading for myself as a child, really got lost in the many fantastic stories available to me, I finally felt truly connected to the people around me. The Mercies seemed to exemplify that sentiment. Our heroines Maren and […]

An Introduction

Dear Reader, We are excited to announce the second issue of RevUU: A journal to highlight new, critical voices in the literary space! RevUU is being continued as a passion project to host new voices by students from Literature Today, a Masters programme at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. In view of this Spring Issue we […]

Join the official RevUU launch!

We are happy to announce our Online Launch Event for the RevUU 2021 Spring Issue! Hereby we are inviting you to join us on May 7th at 19.00. The event will include a guest speaker, a Q&A and in general a discussion of literature and the literary field. This edition’s focus is Tastemakers of the […]

On Betrayal: A Response to a Callous Column by DUB

by Kris van der Voorn Last week a column appeared on the website of Utrecht University’s news platform DUB named “Ik zal jullie niet verraden” (I won’t betray you). This particular column discusses the measures taken by the university to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. RevUU wants to comment on the implications of this […]

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