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Autumn 2022 Issue


“We learn of our color young. We learn that certain colors suit certain roles, certain places in this world. Like, in the story of Amma, she captures our plight as brown girls with the word “disillusioned”. That’s a good word. We are disillusioned every time we get typecast in the life roles that brown girls are supposed to play.”

Color Me Brown – What Girl, Woman, Other Taught Me About My Brownness

By Neelam Reddy

“In our current times where exclusion is still common, Keegan provides a hopeful note with a character whose disposition doesn’t remain influenced by society’s practice of exclusion.”

Not Excluding People from the Picture: An Exploration of Human Kindness in Small Things Like These

By Susi Westerveld

“Should we worry about the freedom of speech at schools, especially regarding LGBTQ+ literature? Shouldn’t pupils be allowed to look in the mirror and see all kinds of possibilities? That mirror is needed to create a space for meaningful discussion.”

Can Noah Can’t Even Even Be Talked About?

By Maria Teresa Cattani