Autumn 2020

Source: Ella van Driel

Introduction by Lea Dokter and Kris van der Voorn


When Summer Ends by Juul Kruse

Radical Self-love Is the New Feminism by Lea Dokter

How to Be Dominated by a Biker by Mikołaj Bać

Why Don’t We Calm Cancel Culture Down? by Siqi Zhu

The Importance of Identifying by Annika van Leeuwen

Welcome to the Self-Help Era: Where Reading Novels Is a Waste of Time by Laura Hoogenraad

Covid-1918 by Renske Rademaker

Pop Culture, the Bush Era, and Aliens: A Fun but Flawed Love Letter to the 2000s by Leda Serikoglu

J.K. Rowling Has Gone and ‘Expelliarmussed’ Herself by Annick Smithers

A Dazzling Debut of Literary Inclusivity by Kris van der Voorn

Is Our Poetic Soul Safe? by Runcong Liu

“No Right” by Ella van Driel

In Defence of Cancel Culture: The War on Free Speech by Mayke Keller

The Privilege of White Authors; My Dark Vanessa and Excavation: Who Can Write (White) What? by Ariane Dijckmeester

Breasts and Eggs, Pen and Paper by Elena Schnee

How to Distinguish Rape From Romance by Bou Laam Wong

About the Artwork

RevUU aims to showcase “new voices” in art as well as literature. Throughout each issue we will feature original artwork as a visual thread that connects the various articles. Our Autumn 2020 issue showcases analogue photography by Mikołaj Bać, in addition to photographs, drawings and illustrations by Ella van Driel, Runcong Liu, Juul Kruse, Mel Micai, and Lee Russell.

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