What is even real anymore?

By Angelos Apallas  “More and more I begin to feel that the whole world is conscious” (Lockwood 207). These are some of the concluding words of Patricia Lockwood’s debut novel No One Is Talking about This, an abysmal trip into the cyber-world, documenting the foundation of being as it surfaces through lifelike glimpses of socialContinue reading “What is even real anymore?”

Memory in the Poetry of Leontia Flynn and Mark Doty

By Evelien Vermeulen Mark Doty’s poem “Lost in the Stars” provides an elegiac retelling of a musical evening in 1992, at the height of the AIDS crisis. In it, the speaker reflects on the idea of memory, and what it means to remember loved ones who have passed. Leontia Flynn’s “Letter to Friends” explores differentContinue reading “Memory in the Poetry of Leontia Flynn and Mark Doty”