Join the official RevUU launch!

We are happy to announce our Online Launch Event for the RevUU 2021 Spring Issue! Hereby we are inviting you to join us on May 7th at 19.00. The event will include a guest speaker, a Q&A and in general a discussion of literature and the literary field.

This edition’s focus is Tastemakers of the Future, as we are still young academics and there will definitely be more that we will contribute to the literary world as we go forward in our careers. Opinion pieces, reviews, discussions on literary events and original writing will all be a prominent piece of this issue and we cannot wait to share it with you all when it is finished!

Even more exciting is that we have a special guest speaker, who will undoubtedly be another tastemaker (or can already be considered one), Emma van Meyeren. Her recent publication “Ook ik ben stukgewaaid,” which consists of three essays approaching mourning in a new manner, will be featured and we are eager to discuss this topic in light of recent events as a part of our launch. Some of our own writers will also be present for questions during the launch; which will be announced as we get closer to the event.

If you want to join the event please send us an email at We’ll see you there!

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