Code of Conduct


This is an important one for us, engaged as we are with the literary field and its place in our society. This is the first code of conduct for RevUU, and we hope it will help us to become increasingly egalitarian and inclusive in future issues.

RevUU wants to be a literary platform for everyone. This means we want to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. The following code of conduct has been formulated to visualize the inclusivity we want to display.

Inclusive language

RevUU wants to make sure that our articles do not convey any language that could be prejudicial. This is why the following language will not be used anymore:

  • specific postcolonial terms: we will only use ‘enslaved people’, and we will make sure that ‘exoticizing’ of people does not happen in our articles. For an overview of inclusive language also check;
  • We will try to be as gender inclusive as possible. This means that we will use gender neutral language whenever the gender is unknown.

Diversity in reviews

RevUU tries to represent a transcultural view on literature. This means we will try to make sure every issue showcases a diverse team of voices and authors discussed.

Checking our privilege

RevUU is a part of the MA Literature Today of the Utrecht University. We understand that this is a place where the privileged and white European voice still takes center stage, and that RevUU operates in this climate. We are aware of this and aim for change: we will do our best to voice more than just the dominant perspective.

We are aware that we can make mistakes. We want to learn from these as much as possible, and we strive to make this world as inclusive as possible. Our mission is to have the literary field represent this, starting with ourselves. As this is the first time we have composed a document like this, we want to emphasize that we do not have the monopoly on wisdom regarding equality. If you feel like things are missing or you want to see things changed, please send us a message at, and we will take your comments into consideration!

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