Call for papers

RevUU is back for the spring issue, and we are looking for reviews, features, and creative pieces related to Connections in Literature.

Whether we are healing from the long isolation during the pandemic, or our phone battery is about to die, we strive for connection. We create a place for ourselves through our entanglements with the world, nature, art, and other creatures. Our relations make us stronger. For this issue, we invite you to explore how you feel connected in this chaotic world through literature. How does literature help us feel and stay connected or express the disconnection? Intimacy and loss, dreams and struggles, the online and offline world, traditions of the past and futuristic scenarios, there is no limit.

Send us your piece (approximately 2000 words) on Connections in Literature by March 17, 2022. Read how to on our submissions page.

We accept papers in English, French and Dutch. For this issue, we encourage the submission of creative pieces.

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