Blue, I love you: Three Letters To the Colour Blue

By Anna Sóley Ásmundsdóttir I Thoughts flow through my mind one after another, and sometimes a few at a time, both intertwined and independent. They form a musical cacophony that one would think impossible, except if one complements the other. A melody complements a lyric, but only one of them carries a semantic meaning. I walk from the record shop to the train holding an old recordContinue reading “Blue, I love you: Three Letters To the Colour Blue”

SEX AND PLAGIARISM: Kathy Acker Walks Into a Bar…

By Elif Kayahan I.  00.20 A.M. on a Thursday night. A bar with dim lighting. Nothing special about the place. Just another bar in a relatively poor neighborhood close to the university. At one table sit three middle-aged women. Their cashmere scarves and pearl earrings give away that they don’t quite fit in here. They are here to observeContinue reading “SEX AND PLAGIARISM: Kathy Acker Walks Into a Bar…”


LEDA WRITE THY SELF By Leda Serikoglu HERE LIES THE BRUTAL DICHOTOMY OF THE DEAD. Some are taught the sky is the limit Some are warned to mind the ground Yet even with the Heavens and Earths colliding… She counted reveries which could not be found, but conjured out of twenty-six by two cases theContinue reading “LEDA – WRITE THY SELF”